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Acoustic, Noise and Vibration Services

Under Water

Norm has significant expertise in the assessment of underwater noise impact on marine life and has undertaken a considerable number of underwater noise assessments for various clients including Rio Tinto, Woodside, BHP, Inpex, BMI JV and the Port of Melbourne. These assessments have considered the impact of underwater construction activities including blasting, dredging and piling and oil and gas industry activities such as seismic surveys on marine life. The marine life considered has included cetaceans, odontocetes, pinipeds, turtles and fish.

Norm has been involved in detection of marine fauna for the purpose of safety zone protection. This approach can also be applied to defence applications and diver detection and enemy submersible detection.

Norm has also consulted with the Australian Federal Government DSEWPaC to assist with the setting of safety zones for cetaceans during blasting and has been involved with blast design to minimise impact while optimising production.

  • Rio Tinto Cape Lambert B – A review of potential noise impacts due to piling and of permit conditions was conducted. Based on modelling, recommendations were made as to acceptable operational scenarios that would allow compliance with the permit conditions.
  • Hay Point Coal Terminal Expansion – Modelling of Underwater Blasting and Piling Noise and Assessment of Impact. The blast design and charge weights were optimised to minimise impact and actual measured data used to confirm the predictions. Presentation to DEWHA. Advice was also provided on diver safety.
  • Port of Melbourne – Assessment of Underwater noise Impact due to construction piling at Webb Dock
  • Hay Point Coal Terminal Expansion – A review of options for of Passive and Active Acoustic Monitoring Options wsa conducted and recommendations offered.
  • Woodside Pluto Blasting Underwater Noise Impact Assessment – Provided advice with respect to safety zones for marine fauna
  • Woodside Scott Reef – Peer review of Scott Reef Gigas Seismic Survey Reports and assessment of well head noise impact in the Scott Reef channel
  • BHPBIO – Peer Review of Environmental Impact of Underwater Noise Associated with Harbour Works at Port Hedland.
  • Woodside Torosa – Calculation of noise level and assessment of impact of underwater noise on marine mammals due to Drilling and VSP activity. Recommendations were provided.
  • Chevron Gorgon Gas Development – Marine Facilities Construction EMP – Blasting and Drilling advice.
  • Rio Tinto Cape Lambert B – A review of the literature and of international regulations was conducted with a view to informing the client with respect to any changes of the permit conditions. Recommendations and mitigation options were presented.
  • INPEX – Major desktop evaluation of passive and active acoustic monitoring options for Marine Megafauna in Darwin harbour. Included characterisation of the acoustic environment, sound propagation modelling, and a review of marine animal calls.


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