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Acoustic, Noise and Vibration Services

Low Frequency Noise

Dr Norm Broner has over 35 years of consulting experience in Acoustics, Noise and Vibration. He has been heavily involved in the preparation of Environmental Impact Statements and with the preparation of Environmental Management plans. Where necessary, optimum cost-effective noise controls have been recommended and designed to reduce excessive noise emissions to within statutory and regulatory limits. Norm has also been involved with various community/public consultation processes/meetings and has also presented technical information at public/community meetings and provided expert witness at various Tribunals/Panel Hearings and in court.

Norm has been involved with the effects of Low Frequency Noise (LFN) since 1973. He completed his PhD on LFN Annoyance at Chelsea College under the guidance of Prof Geoff Leventhall and proposed the LFNR noise metric to minimise LFN annoyance indoors. He conducted a research program on LFN and Rumble due to HVAC funded by ASHRAE (USA) which resulted in a modification of the RC criterion. Norm wrote the Chapter on “Effects of Infrasound, Low Frequency Noise and Ultrasound on People” in the “Handbook of Noise and Vibration Control” which was published in September 2007. More recently, Norm developed simplified LFN criteria which have been adopted by the Australian NSW Department of Planning.
Norm was a member of the Australian National Health Medical Research Council Wind Farm & Human Health Reference Group which completed its investigation with the NHMRC statement in Feb 2015. Norm was also an International Advisor to the Health Canada research project entitled Community Noise & Health Study for which the field work has been completed, the preliminary results have been released and now several peer reviewed papers are being prepared for publication.

Norm was the Guest Editor for a special edition of Acoustics Australia Vo1 41 April 2012 dealing with the topic of Wind Farm Noise.
Norm has applied this expertise to the assessment of environmental noise emissions from power stations, mines, process plant and wind turbine farms.



  • NSW Dept of Planning – Review of Noise Compliance for Flyers Creek and Collector Wind Farms including review of submissions by Stephen Cooper of the Acoustics Group and of reports prepared for the proponent by Marshall Day and Vipac
  • Toora Wind Farm – Tonality assessment and compliance with Standard
  • Waterloo Wind Farm (Roaring 40’s) – Prediction of noise level and assessment of compliance with Standard
  • Corrangamite Shire Council – Presentation of expert evidence in relation to predicted noise levels due to Newfield Wind Farm
  • Kelland Wind Farm NZ – Prediction of noise levels and advice re siting of turbines
  • Mortlake Power Station – Advice re contractual issues, commissioning noise measurements and compliance with EPA Works Approval
  • Snowy Hydro Laverton – Review of excessive LFN noise levels at neighbouring locations and advice with respect to compliance with developed noise criteria
  • Alinta Tamar Valley Power Station Noise Impact Assessment _Project Director for acoustics and vibration assessment
  • RIO Yurralyi Maya Power station – prediction of noise levels and assessment of impact for Approval
  • Snowy Hydro Valley Power – Measurement of noise levels and advice re compliance with criteria
  • Snowy Hydro Siting Study – Prediction of noise levels and advice with respect to compliance with EPA SEPP No N-1 Noise Policy
  • Alinta Power Station Newman – Prediction of noise levels and assessment of impact
  • Alcoa Angelsea Mine Expansion Noise Impact Assessment – Project Director role for acoustics assessment


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