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Acoustic, Noise and Vibration Services


Dr Broner has over 30 years involvement with the preparation of Environmental Impact and Effects Statements and of Environmental Management plans. Appropriate criteria have been designated and the predicted noise emissions, based on SoundPlan noise level predictions, have been assessed against these criteria. The potential impact and intrusiveness have then been assessed and annoyance due to various noise sources assessed. Norm has also provided expert witness at Planning Appeals and VCAT hearings.
Norm has been involved with industrial noise assessment, noise source ranking and noise control. Where necessary, optimum cost-effective noise controls have been recommended and designed to reduce excessive noise emissions to within statutory and regulatory limits. For example, Norm has designed blow down vent silencers and air handling system silencers. He has also designed and specified full or partial enclosures and vibration isolation for compressors, pumps, screens, turbines etc
Noise mitigation measures are optimised to obtain the best $/decibel noise reduction. For mine and quarry projects, the impact and assessment of blasting and ground vibration has also been assessed.
Dr Broner has also been involved with the prediction, assessment and control of vibration. He has measured and assessed ground vibration with respect to human perception and annoyance and also with respect to potential building damage. He has also been involved with construction noise and vibration mitigation and with the assessment of vibration due to aircraft flyovers.

  • Alcoa Angelsea Mine Expansion Noise Impact Assessment
  • Ballarat Goldfields Noise Impact Assessment and Control
  • Centrex Mine Transport Noise and Mine Noise and Vibration Assessment
  • Port Hedland Port Authority Noise Assessment of Utah Point Expansion
  • Aurox Balla Balla (Port Hedland) Noise Impact Assessment
  • BHP Quantum Noise Impact Assessment and Control
  • Snowy Hydro Power Plant Low Frequency Noise Emission Control
  • Origin Mortlake Power Station Environmental Noise Assessment
  • Alcoa Angelsea Power Station Noise Assessment
  • Alinta Newman Power Station Noise Assessment
  • Alinta Tamar Valley Power Station Noise Impact Assessment
  • University of Melbourne Bio 21 Noise Annoyance
  • Air Treatment Facility, Northern Sewer Project, Melbourne Water
  • City West Water Treatment Plant Silencer Design
  • LGL Low Frequency Noise Screen Noise Assessment

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