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Acoustic, Noise and Vibration Services


Dr Broner has over the years been heavily involved with architectural acoustics and mechanical services noise control. Norm has been involved with the specification of walls, doors, floors to provide speech privacy for various critical spaces eg in Hospitals, research or Defence facilities and in legal surroundings. The effect of air conditioning noise on internal ambient levels has also been investigated and controlled. Achieving appropriately low noise due to air-conditioning is potentially important in patient care and comfort. Norm has been concerned with defining building envelopes for the control of noise ingress as well as with the internal spatial design so as to achieve the required reverberation. This is important for ensuring that hospital areas are not too excessively reverberant which can impact on patient comfort, especially adjacent to heavily trafficked corridors. . Norm was involved, through ASHRAE, in the setting of low frequency noise criteria and the development of the RC Noise Mark II metric for air conditioning noise.

Norm has been involved with the assessment of emergency helicopter noise impact on patients in hospitals and on design of facades to minimise noise intrusion to sensitive patients. Similarly, the impact of emergency helicopter noise and throb on sensitive instrumentation needs to be considered.

The prevention of footfall and other noise transmission has also been considered and can be very important in hospital facilities, particularly as sensitive facilities like electron microscopes and MRI’s might be affected. In addition, he has predicted structure borne noise levels in critical spaces due to railway activity and considered vibration isolation options. This is also potentially an issue in hospitals where there are MRI machines or sensitive electron microscopes.

Perth Childrens Hospital


Client: Thinc Health

Role: Advisor to the State on all acoustics and vibration issues 2010 – present

  • Reviewed all MC submissions re acoustics and vibration.Ensured that the high acoustics and vibration quality for the project would be maintained in discussions with the MC
  • Attended workshops with the client and MC to reinforce requirements
  • Ensured that the façade design would achieve the low noise criteria for NICU/PICU during helicopter arrivals
  • Ensured that vibration levels due to helicopters, gym activities and footfall would not interfere with electronic imaging equipment performance
  • Assisted with a review of the helipad vibration design and with the hydrotherapy pool vibration isolation
  • Reviewed the architectural acoustics design for critical spaces such as the auditorium, radio lollipop
  • Developed overall noise and vibration criteria to be met by the MC
  • Provided detailed noise and vibration criteria for various occupancies and various utilizations.On site testing of wall acoustic performance

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