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Acoustic, Noise and Vibration Services


Aircraft noise modelling usually involves the use of the FAA Integrated Noise Model and presentation of data using the DOTARS TNIP program. Supplemental noise metrics such as the N70 are also provided. Norm has been involved with land use planning in accordance with AS20201 and indeed sits on Committee AV/11 “Aircraft and Helicopter Noise” as a representative of the Australian Acoustical Society.

Dr Broner has been involved with the design and specification of walls/floors/ceilings and roofs to ensure acoustical and speech privacy and to provide given levels of secrecy. He has also been involved with the architectural acoustics design of Defence Facilities to ensure minimal noise intrusion from outside noise sources such as traffic, aircraft and munitions noise. Norm has also designed lecture rooms/theatrettes in Defence facilities to provide optimum speech and music conditions for various forms of external noise sources (aircraft, traffic, impulse, munitions).

Dr Broner has been involved in the specification of walls/glazing/ceilings and roofs to ensure acoustic privacy and secrecy in accordance with Australian and US codes. He has also been involved in the measurement post construction of the acoustic performance of various walls/facades to prove the acoustic requirements have been met and has advised on fixes if they do not comply.

He has measured and assessed ground vibration with respect to human perception and annoyance and also with respect to potential building damage. He has also been involved with construction noise and vibration mitigation and with the assessment of vibration due to aircraft flyovers.

Dr. Broner has over the years also been involved in the preparation of Environmental Impact and Effects Statements. Appropriate criteria have been designated and the predicted noise emissions, based on noise level predictions, have been assessed against these criteria. The potential impact and intrusiveness have then been assessed. For Defence, he has been involved with assessment of impact due to artillery/Howitzer firing, down range noise propagation, tank testing and in-vehicle noise and vibration ride quality.


Noise Contours and Impact/Land Use

  • NACC Williamtown AFB – design of new facilities for the JSF. Consideration of façades and internal walls, mechanical services and reverberation control.
  • Edinburgh Air Base 2018 ANEF – updating of the ANEF based on various aircraft scenarios.
  • Ballina Byron Gateway 2018 ANEF – updating of ANEF for future traffic at this airport.
  • Noise Impact Assessment for the introduction of the Australian Super Hornet to RAAF Amberley and costing of noise insulation for surrounding residential locations.
  • Noise Impact Assessment for the introduction of the JSF to MOB’s and FOB’s around Australia. This included noise insulation costing for residential locations surrounding the Bases.
Defence Buildings
  • SEA1000 IPT Working Accommodation Fit Out
  • Acoustic facility design for RAAF Williamtown
  • AFP HQ Building Acoustics Acoustic Design and Performance Testing, Canberra
  • Swan Island Acoustic Design and Acoustic Performance Testing
  • Noise Insulation Assessment and costing for the Super Hornet at RAAF Amberley
  • Watsonia Barracks Acoustic Privacy
  • RAAF Base Butterworth Acoustic Facility Design for Aircraft Noise
  • Raytheon Building Acoustic Performance, St Marys
  • Acoustical Testing of Privacy at Ministerial Office, Cessnock

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